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From: Fernando Silveira
Subject: Attic
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 14:00:32 -0300
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I'm trying to import a CVS repository to SubVersion using `cvs2svn' and it is complaining about files that are in the `Attic' directory AND outside it. I've read at the `Cederqvist' manual that the `Attic' directory is only used when a file is not in the HEAD revision but the strange thing is that some of my files are in both directories: the `Attic' and the original.

Is this a problem or a known thing? Can I remove the `Attic' files that are also in the normal directory?

Thanks in advance.
Fernando Silveira  | address@hidden
+55 (11) 3371-9515 | NewPOS International LLC

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