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CVS problem

From: Adam Lipscombe
Subject: CVS problem
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 23:12:03 +0100

I have  a cvs client accessing a remote server (version Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.1p1 (client/server)) via the :ext: mechanism and an SSH tunnel. This has been working fine for months.
Now when I get the following output from the client:
cvs.exe -n update -d -P
? ExpenSysWT/pages/approval/ClaimDeclined.jsp
? ExpenSysWT/pages/approval/ClaimDeclinedBody.jsp
? ExpenSysWT/pages/approval/ClaimDeclinedFooter.jsp
unrecognized request `Parameters)'
The process then stops. I am not sure what the "unrecognized request `Parameters)'" refers to.
Can anyone help? 
TIA - Adam

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