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Re: cvs or subversion or manual control

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: Re: cvs or subversion or manual control
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 03:11:50 GMT


Another option is CVSNT (on Linux or Windows) which is CVS with all the
subversion features.

The manual is a good place to start but not extremely beginner friendly:

CVSNT can be downloaded from:


Arthur Barrett

"Algis Kabaila" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> I am a 79 year old newbee, who has been around computers since the valve
> version.
> Currently I have taken on the task of looking after a web page (or
> pages) for Open Source Software in a PC users' group.  I also started to
> program Python, which I really love.  I use a version of Linux distro,
> which includes "cvs" and "subversion" - not yet installed
> In the past, all version control in my work was kept manually, mostly
> under Win OS. I want to take advantage of a programmed version control of
> 1. HTML pages, which are essentially text (written with "Kate", verified
> with Firefox)
> 2. Python scripts - programs.  Mainly civil - structural engineering,
> with "numarray".
> My GNU/Linux distro gives me the following info:
> **** CVS is a front-end to the Revision Control System included in the
> standard Linux distributions. PCL-CVS, an Emacs front-end for CVS, is
> also included.
> **** Subversion does the same thing CVS does (Concurrent Versioning
> System) but has major enhancements compared to CVS.
> Which one should I use?  What do I do to configure repository on my PC.
>   Mostly I will be the only person using it, at least initially.  Is cvs
> or subversion the way to go to for continuous updating of a web site?
> I would really, really appreciate advice, before I commit my time to
> study either of the two version control systems.  For me my time is
> rather valuable, as it is gradually running out.  Should I, instead,
> stick to my trusted old ways of keeping the version control manually?
> My background is teaching in several tertiary institutions.  I live down
> -under.  A great place!
> (I confess to being a sucker for things that are new to me...)
> Thank you for your patience and the advice to come!
> Al (my handle is OldAl, my email is a_kabaila at

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