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DOS Command to get current branch?

From: Talos
Subject: DOS Command to get current branch?
Date: 4 Nov 2004 14:49:46 -0800

I'm new to CVS (having converted from the VSS world), and I'm still
getting used to a lot of the concepts and commands.  One of things I'm
having trouble with is figuring out if I messed up when I do Updates.

My question is:  Is there a DOS command that let's you know what
branch name the sandbox you're currently is?

For example, suppose I created a new directory called "Branch A" from
the main trunk.  I now go into the Branch A directory, and do an
update using a command line (and praying I didn't mess up the switches
or names while doing so).  Is there an easy way to verify that I
actually got "Branch A"'s latest files/label by typing in a DOS
command that tells me what the sandbox REALLY is?  NOT what I think it
is (I think it's the branch, since I named my sandbox "Branch A", but
I'd like to be sure).

I need to use DOS because I'm running some scripts to automatically
bring down and build source code.  I'm sure there's some nifty GUI
ways to do this, but right now I'm really concerned about the DOS
command (actually, it would be nice to know if you can do this using

-- Jae

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