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wincvs and its built in ssh not working consistently

From: craigwilson
Subject: wincvs and its built in ssh not working consistently
Date: 18 Nov 2004 19:37:54 -0800
User-agent: G2/0.2

When I try to use the built in ssh in the Beta release of
wincvs instead of using an "ext" ssh it works on some machines and not
on others set up with the exact same version.  I get the following
message when I try to check out a module:

cvs -d :ssh;username=jose;;port=22:/var/cvsroot/ee
checkout -P Zepto (in directory C:\cvs\test2)
cvs checkout: Couldn't connect to remote server - plink error Unable to
open connection: Host does not existcvs [checkout aborted]: Connection
to server failed

***** CVS exited normally with code 1 *****

It appears to be trying to use plink even though I specified it to use
ssh.  I can definitely ssh to port 22 of from the machine.
The strange thing is that it worked the first time, then stopped
working every time after that.

Any ideas?


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