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RE: Issue with identifying scripts within a repository

From: Guus Leeuw jr.
Subject: RE: Issue with identifying scripts within a repository
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 21:12:02 +0100

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> Subject: Issue with identifying scripts within a repository
> We have a repository to store scripts which are run
> against databases. When the developers check-in the
> scripts, no one knows if that will go all the way to
> prod. It has to pass qc, or may have some other
> issues, so everything that is checked in may not go to
> prod.
> All approved scripts will run once in 2 months.So we
> need a way to identify all these scripts from the
> others in the repository.Pls note that the number of
> these scripts is very high.

Why don't you handle the scripts with development life cycle?

Test will be a tagged version of the scripts package: V1_0_TEST. This
package goes to Test. Dev will be developed with new features if needed. If
need be, V1_0_TEST will be branched, so that local fixes can be applied.
Once Test is happy, tag that with V1_x_PROD, and move it to prod. At this
point in time, merge the changes on the V1_0_TEST branch back to main stream
development (== HEAD), resolve the conflicts, and develop further.

Just my 2 cents,

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