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getting files related to two tags

From: Sandhya
Subject: getting files related to two tags
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 12:25:31 +0550

Hi all,

Am Sandhya and I work as a Config Manager. The version control system that we 
use is CVS and Iam 
very new to this system.
I went through the docs and was quite easily able to understand the system.

Iam just starting off with a question.
When we check out files based on a particular tag, we just get the files that 
are related with 
that tag, and the remaining files if found in the client, gets deleted.
Suppose I want to get files related to two tags. I can check out files based on 
one tag. And if I 
try to check out files based on the second tag, all the files related with the 
1st tag is 
Is there any scenario where I can have files related to both the tags.

If someone can solve this, then this will be of great help.

Thanx and Regards

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