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Re: Can't download CVS!

From: jsWalter
Subject: Re: Can't download CVS!
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 00:07:27 -0600 (CST)
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>> Rhino wrote:

> What are your thoughts on the relative merits of CVS, CVSNT, and WinCVS?
> Why would I choose one over the other? What are the negatives of each?
> Which of these integrates best with Eclipse?

CVS (as in from is as close to CVS on Linux you can get
without running Linux. This is only client software, not the server.

This is only command line.

If that's important to you, then...

CVSNT is a branch off of CVS that was created for NT systems. They
"enhanced" it, changed somethings, "added" some syntax and it gives you
different "reponce" text for the same commands as compared to Linux CVS.
IT also allows you to create a CVS repository on a Windows box.

This is only command line.

If you don't care about that (meaning Linux like responces), then...

WinCVS sits on top of CVSNT. It is a GUI app.

If that's important to you, then...

Personaly, I use CVS[] at the command line and TortoiseCVS (which
sits on top of CVSNT) at the GUI level.

(I tried have Tortoise use CVS[], but it expected certain replies
that CVSNT gives that CVS[] does not, so...

This means I have both CVS exe's on my PC, and they behave just fine.

CVSNT is not in my PATH, but CVS[] is. That's how that issue is

Both are configured to use SSH (sorry, no keys yet) to access our CVS
repository on our Linux box at work.

Hope this helps a bit.


Taking it to the next level.

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