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Directories commons a two or more sources.

From: Carlos Eduardo Brock
Subject: Directories commons a two or more sources.
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 07:56:28 -0300

Hi, This is my first time in an english list, then sorry for my poo english
I need configure the cvs to many directorys as commom to many
projects, like this example:
|  +-comom_x
|  | +-files off commons x
|  +-commom_y
|  | +-files off comuns y
|  +-project1
|  | +-files off project1
|  | +-simbolic link off ../commom_x/
|  | +-simbolic link off ../commom_y/
|  +-project2
|    +-files off project1
|    +-simbolic link off ../commom_y/ only, commom_x not needed.
To day my makes files commpile/link with the files on the same
directory, becous the symbolic links, but I don't know how configure
the cvs for this.

Carlos E. Brock

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