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Re: Repository on shared drive of dual boot system (WinXP and Linux)

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Repository on shared drive of dual boot system (WinXP and Linux)
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 10:21:08 -0800

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FCC <address@hidden> writes:

Be real here. You have a gmail account and still are playing games with
the reply address? Why do you make life difficult for everyone who might
want to reply to you?

> Anybody has any experience with such a setup? 

I have know of folks that used a mirror of the same repository on both
Windows and GNU/Linux boxes with no problems which is close to
equivalent. Problems only arise with the use of the scripting for the
various commit triggers in the CVSROOT. You need to be careful how you
setup your commitinfo, verfifymsg, loginfo triggers to work properly in
both modes.

> I have a dual boot laptop that I use for developing code, and I have
> experimented with CVS for some time on WinXP and on Linux, but with
> repositories on WinXP and on Linux respectively.
> I would like to use one single repository regardless of whether I boot
> WinXP or Linux. Is that possible, or feasible at all?

Sure, it is possible and with some care it should be feasible. However,
you may find it is more sane to use CVSNT for both instead of just for
the WinXP box in this case. Otherwise is may be difficult for you to
have a consistent set of configuration files for commits.

Note that address@hidden is not really about CVSNT questions, so you
probably want to look into for more answers.

        -- Mark
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