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Re: CVSNT and eclipse cvs cannot connect? (newbie!)

From: Philliph Mau
Subject: Re: CVSNT and eclipse cvs cannot connect? (newbie!)
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 22:31:27 +0200
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Arthur Barrett schrieb:


You are using CVSNT in "local" mode (F:\cvs), for another computer to
use the repository you need to use it in client server mode.
Firstly open the "CVS for NT" control panel and check that the CVSNT and
Lock services are running and in the "compatibility" settings set all
the switches on the "non-CVSNT" clients.  This is a fix required for
Eclipse.  You can also use this control panel to create and name your
repository rather than "cvs init".  Note: "cvs" is a really bad name for
a repository since "cvs" and "cvsroot" are "reserved words", try
"myrepo" and "F:\myrepo" instead.

The structure of a CVSROOT (the thing after -d) is
:protocol:server-name:repository-name, eg:

This is about the extent of my knowledge (I'm not really technical), if
you post your question to the CVSNT newsgroup you will get a more direct

There has been hiccup with the mail server over the last couple of days,
so if your post bounces please wait a day and try again.
The CVS client in Eclipse is developed by Eclipse - not by CVSHOME or
CVSNT, if you need details help with it then the Eclipse site may help
more than either CVSHOME or CVSNT.

Supported CVS versions for each release of Eclipse is available here:


Arthur Barrett

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Subject: CVSNT and eclipse cvs cannot connect? (newbie!)


I try to set up cvsnt server to windows 2000

cvs -d F:\cvs init

that worked... it generaded some files.

then I imported a project "htdocs" (the apache doc files)

cd F:\htdocs
cvs -d F:\cvs import htdocs tag01 tag02

Then an editor window appered, an I typed in "Initial Status". I think
its okay till here, because I see the file structure in the cvs dir with all the htdoc files.

But now I want to connect from another computer to this repository! How Can I do this with cvsnt ?
I tried too much....

Eclipse CVS want to know:
- Connection Type [ext, extssh,pserver]
- User
- Password
- Host
- Repository Path

I can select between Default Port and a specified Port (I have to enter this)

I can also enter an custom label.

The IP of the PC with the running cvsnt is

I hope you can help me??

thanks a lot,
Info-cvs mailing list

Thanks a lot!
CVSNT is running now and working... :)


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