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Re: 1.12 to stable, when?

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: 1.12 to stable, when?
Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 23:05:30 -0700

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Michael Muller <address@hidden> writes:

> I need a fature in version 1.12 of cvs
> (post-tagging hook).

For what it is worth, backporting that single
feature to cvs 1.11.x should not be that hard for
you to do...

> How stable is the 1.12 branch? Is there a
> published timeframe for when 1.12 will be
> "stable"? Does anyone on this distribution have
> an estimate?

Releases of 1.12.x have been getting better and
more robust.

The CVSHOME team does try not to introduce new
features that break CVS client/server
interactions, but it is entirely possible that a
new 1.12.x release will not immediately
interoperate with some of the GUI interfaces and
other feature add-on players out there (eg, DCVS,
SmartCVS, WinCVS, eclipse, jcvs, tkcvs, WANdisco,
et al) due to changes in output format.

Derek has been floating the idea of moving to
1.12.x as the STABLE release of cvs and leaving
1.11.x behind sometime during this year of 2005.

Maybe now is a good time to ask the question to
this list. How many folks are already using cvs
1.12.x as their primary version of CVS and believe
it is getting ready to have new features locked
out and be moved to STABLE?

We still have a few things in progress such as the
newtags feature from Frank Hemer which I would
like to see finished being added to 1.12.x before
it becomes STABLE.

Are there any other FEATURES that folks are
interested in trying to submit to CVS in the near
term such that we should delay moving to STABLE
for a time yet?

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        -- Mark
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