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RE: cvs init on pre-existing old repository ok?

From: Bulgrien, Kevin
Subject: RE: cvs init on pre-existing old repository ok?
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 11:55:02 -0500

Raises confidence that nothing bad happens, and, since CVS has been
updated since the repository was created, implies that it should
have been done anyway.

> From:  Larry Jones 
> Subject:  Re: Some questions on CVS upgrade 
> Date:  Tue, 7 Dec 2004 17:35:20 -0500 (EST)

> It's also a good idea to run ``cvs init'' on your repository after
> upgrading to create any new administrative files (it will carefully
> preserve your existing ones) and make any other necessary changes to
> your repository should there be any in the future (there have never
> been any so far).


>> The original question was:
>> A user did a cvs init on an existing repository.  Is this 
>> generally safe, or might it be advisable to go back and check for
>> differences against a backup?
>> CVS version is 1.11.17
>> presumably contains an applicable answer:
>>> The 'cvs init' should only add files that are not already 
>>> present but are needed by cvs."
>>  ...
>>> The 'cvs init' function should not do anything bad to your 
>>> files unless you happen to have files in the $CVSROOT/CVSROOT
>>> that do not match the top-of-tree version in their corresponding
>>> ,v file in the checkoutlist.
>>> It is probably a good idea to create a test copy of the CVSROOT
>>> directory into another repository and run the 'cvs init' 
>>> command to see what it does to your test setup before you do the
>>> real thing.
>>>        Good luck,
>>>        -- Mark
>> It does appear that one needs to check a backup in order to 
>> be sure since the full context of the cvs init operation is not
>> known.
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