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Re: CVS and SSH V2

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: CVS and SSH V2
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 08:46:54 -0500

Liquidchild wrote:
> Guys,
> I am trying to setup CVS and SmartCVS to allow communication with each
> other.

smartcvs has a mailing list which might help more.

> I did not set up the CVS server, our admin team has done that.  So here
> is what i have been doing:
> I have installed SmartCVS and entered the following into for the
> connection string:
> :ext:address@hidden:22\appl\cvs\ole
> using public/private key auth, with the private key file pointed to and
> the public copied into authorized_keys.  When I test the connection
> using smart cvs it seems fine, then when i click next to enter a
> modules i get an "io error with details null".

with regular cvs the troubleshooting starts with:
in your case I think the command you want to try is something like:
ssh address@hidden "cvs -v"
ssh -l gtx "cvs -v"

> I am really hitting a brick wall with this stuff I have never had to
> setup CVS with SSH before, I have even tried previous clients of WinCVS
> and get similiar setup, again I seem to be able to login to the server,
> as its return command ran with 0, but when i try to checkout the module
> i get a "ksh: cvs not found error"

This looks like the environment of the server does not know where to find
the cvs executable,  you might try smartcvs's equivalent of defining
CVS_SERVER giving it the full path the the cvs executable the admin staff
want you to use.

> This would imply its not loading the enviroment variables hences cvs is
> not on the path, which i think it does not do for ssh, ie does not load
> the .profile, but how do you get round this.  If indeed this is (a)
> problem.

you could try this (assuming the server is running a shell that accepts bash
ssh address@hidden "echo $PATH"
ssh address@hidden ". /etc/profile;. ~/.profile;echo $PATH"
ssh address@hidden ". /etc/profile;. ~/.profile;cvs -v"

> I am unsure if i am required to do anything on the client machine
> either, i.e set any enviroment variables.
> As you can see any help would be appreciated, and if anyone has done
> this before i would very much like to talk to them!
Please keep responses to me on the mailing list, thanks.

This is not intended to be direction to a gov contractor to do anything,
just a listing of information which _may_ answer the question which was
Todd Denniston
Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane) 
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