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Re: Smart CVS

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: Smart CVS
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 15:08:58 -0500

Liquidchild wrote:
> Guys
> Finally got it all working! woho!  


> Only question I have left is can you
> make files read only in smartCVS so that users have to select the file
> for editing first, to stop other users being able to edit the same file
> at the same time?
Canonical answer: Why would you want to do that? Are you working with some
strange binary format?

Full answer: If you really think you wan to do that, read the manual section
10 "Multiple developers"[1], the answers you seek are there. 

Todd Denniston
Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane) 
Harnessing the Power of Technology for the Warfighter

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