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CVS Help

From: Liquidchild
Subject: CVS Help
Date: 22 Jul 2005 03:21:04 -0700
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Hi Guys,

Was wondering if you guys had an opinions on the following:

We are a team of developers that are using CVS to control our
development, we have three enviroments, DEV, UAT and live.  Firstly do
you think it would be advantageous to have CVS on the UAT box as well,
or should we just do an export from DEV and copy across to UAT.

Secondly, if developers is working on a bug fix and say developer A
finished his fix and releases this to UAT with a new tag being created,
and then developer B finished his code fix and releases this to UAT, in
my understanding of tags, this new tag (B's) would include all the fix
code from previous tags (i.e. A), however say the business wanna hold
back on relasing A's fix and just want to release B's, is this

Any help/suggestions greatly welcome!

Thanks guys.


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