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cvs pserver cmds have become slow on AIX

From: stephen peterson
Subject: cvs pserver cmds have become slow on AIX
Date: 12 Aug 2005 08:54:50 -0700
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I've been using cvs 1.11.15 for over 2 years without any trouble.
Starting a few weeks ago, I have started to see delays of 40 seconds or
more on every command, and do not know why.

The server is on an AIX 5.2 system.  I obtained the binaries at
and recently tried cvs.1.12.12 as well, obtained from the same place.
I am getting the same problem from several CVS clients I have tried on
a windows platform.  Finally I replicated the problem running the
client cmd on the same host as where the server is running.  It
consistently takes 35-40 seconds to run the cvs login cmd, and the cvs
version command.

I also tried compiling the sourcecode myself using an installed GCC
compiler, but that was not successful.  Would anyone have suggestions
on how to troubleshoot my cvs usability problem, or on how to compile
cvs for an AIX 5.2 system?


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