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Re: CVS merging and notification questions

From: Russ Sherk
Subject: Re: CVS merging and notification questions
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 08:31:16 -0400

On 8/18/05, Paul Van Delst <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello,
> Two questions, the first about merging, the other about notification.
> We just set up a repository the other day where some source code files will 
> diverge from a common
> root (same functionality, just different algorithms). The way I set this up 
> was to create two
> branches -- call them branchA and branchB. For all intents and purposes the 
> main trunk development
> has ended. One of the code devleopers made some changes to one of the 
> branches (say branchA) and
> decided that *this* version should be the common root from which the two 
> algorithms should diverge.
> Rather than ignore all the bold-faced warnings in the docs that say do not 
> delete branches, I want
> to know if it's possible to merge changes from one branch (branchA) to 
> another (branchB)? The
> documentation is decidedly unclear on this particular type of merge 
> (everything seems geared to
> merging to the main trunk). I googled this yesterday and wanted to verify 
> with the experts out there
> that doing a
>    cvs update -r branchB  (switch working copy to branchB)
>    cvs update -j branchA -j branchB
> will merge the changes made to branchA onto branchB? A simple question I 
> know, but I haven't found a
> definitive statement that this will work.
I think you want to replace branchA with branchB.  First it might be
wise to back up branchA (cvs tag -b -rbranchA branchA_backup ).  Then
look at this recent thread for details on how to replace HEAD with a
branch (in your case replace HEAD with branchB):



> About the notification (this may be more a "mail" than a cvs question..a bit 
> of both). I did the
> usual uncommenting of
>     ALL mail %s -s "CVS notification"
> in the notify file, set the watches and, sure enough, it works like a charm. 
> The one change I would
> like to make would be to get the mail subject line to reflect the working 
> file rather than a generic
> "CVS notification". I was wondering if using a trigger script could 
> accomplish this? Could one put
> the following into the notify file (adapted from the taginfo example in the 
> manual):
>    ALL /home/me/bin/create_subject %s
> where the script is
>    #!/bin/sh
>    echo "$@" > /home/me/cvsroot/CVSROOT/subject
> ?
> Assuming this works (with enough changes such that different "subject" files 
> are created based on
> user and file to avoid conflicts with simultaneous edits/commits), how would 
> one get the contents of
> this subject file into the mail subject line itself? Or is there an 
> easier/better way?
> Thanks for any info.
> cheers,
> paulv
> --
> Paul van Delst
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