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CVS merging and notification questions

From: Paul Van Delst
Subject: CVS merging and notification questions
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 11:16:18 -0400
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Two questions, the first about merging, the other about notification.

We just set up a repository the other day where some source code files will diverge from a common root (same functionality, just different algorithms). The way I set this up was to create two branches -- call them branchA and branchB. For all intents and purposes the main trunk development has ended. One of the code devleopers made some changes to one of the branches (say branchA) and decided that *this* version should be the common root from which the two algorithms should diverge. Rather than ignore all the bold-faced warnings in the docs that say do not delete branches, I want to know if it's possible to merge changes from one branch (branchA) to another (branchB)? The documentation is decidedly unclear on this particular type of merge (everything seems geared to merging to the main trunk). I googled this yesterday and wanted to verify with the experts out there that doing a
  cvs update -r branchB  (switch working copy to branchB)
  cvs update -j branchA -j branchB
will merge the changes made to branchA onto branchB? A simple question I know, but I haven't found a definitive statement that this will work.

About the notification (this may be more a "mail" than a cvs question..a bit of both). I did the usual uncommenting of
   ALL mail %s -s "CVS notification"
in the notify file, set the watches and, sure enough, it works like a charm. The one change I would like to make would be to get the mail subject line to reflect the working file rather than a generic "CVS notification". I was wondering if using a trigger script could accomplish this? Could one put the following into the notify file (adapted from the taginfo example in the manual):
  ALL /home/me/bin/create_subject %s
where the script is
  echo "$@" > /home/me/cvsroot/CVSROOT/subject
Assuming this works (with enough changes such that different "subject" files are created based on user and file to avoid conflicts with simultaneous edits/commits), how would one get the contents of this subject file into the mail subject line itself? Or is there an easier/better way?

Thanks for any info.



Paul van Delst

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