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Re: to stop commit

From: Mark O'Brien
Subject: Re: to stop commit
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 14:04:55 -0400

On 8/21/05, Jim Hyslop <address@hidden> wrote:
> Mark O'Brien wrote:
> > Also, they need to fix readers file, its only functional purpose seems
> > to be to trump the writers file.
> Not really. If you had 100 users, and wanted 95 of them to have
> write-access, wouldn't it be much easier to have a 'readers' file with 5
> names than a 'writers' file with 95 names?

it might be, but then you would need a passwd file to scope the 100
ids from all system ids. so you have 100 ids in passwd file plus x ids
in readers as compared to just 100 ids among the readers/writers

if the readers/writers concept where extended to ssh cvs connections,
why whould you want to create and maintain passwd file?

> And, for the reverse, if you have 100 users and want 5 of them to have
> write access and 95 of them to have read access, then you create a
> 'writers' file with 5 names.

still, you would need a passwd file to scope the 100 ids from all
system ids. same as above, you have 100 + 5 verus 100 entries.

it would be easier to say with ssh access method, of all system ids,
these x ids have read access, and these y ids have read/write access,
taking out the passwd middle man maintainence.

>  > the cvs passwd file allows read
> > access to a repo, not the readers file.
> No, the passwd file determines whether the user can access the
> repository. It has nothing to do with read or write privileges.

>From what I can tell, functionally with pserver,  "access a
repostiory" is the same as "read privileges". If this is not true,
please explain, because if one can maintain a shared global cvs passwd
file, linked into the CVSROOT of many cvs repositories and control
read (all cvs read access sub commands) and write privileges solely
with the reader/writers files, please let me know how. From what I
have tested, an id in that global passwd file, that id has read access
regardless of whether or not it is in a readers/writers file for a
given repo. This is why we need to maintain a local passwd file to
each repo to manage read access,



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