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Re: help, doing a CVS import messed up my working dir!?!?!

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: help, doing a CVS import messed up my working dir!?!?!
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 11:05:48 -0700

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Dave Korn <address@hidden> writes:

>   <sound of pennies dropping, lightbulbs pinging, dawn breaking, one hand
> clapping etc.>
>   So I guess what I really want (in order to make the whole procedure work
> the way I was previously expecting it to) is to use "cvs ci -f" after my
> very first import; that way, all the files will have the "branch" tag

s/"branch" tag/RCS default branch/

> removed and r1.1 will be the main line from then on, and when I do imports
> later they will generate deltas on the branch but none of my MAIN/HEAD tags
> will be dragged over to the branch, so the two trunks will stay separate
> until I run a merge-and-commit on the main trunk.  Hooray!

Well, any new file that is added via 'cvs import' will have the same
problem as you move forward.

The script Chris provided in the URL I gave you avoids this by making
version 1.2 always dead. This means you will explicitly need to move
what you want from the VENDOR branch into the main trunk rather than
implicitly (and is also what the 'cvs import -X' does).

> > CVS complained because it saw that the main trun was not using branch
> > 1.1.1 and knows that you must merge the differences of the
> >> into the main trunk in order to have a consistent main
> > trunk. 
>   Yep, this makes sense now.  (Apart from it not making any sense to _me_
> why anyone would want to implement it that way, but that's just a matter of
> taste, of which there is no disputing....!)
>   So, hmmm, if I wanted to patch CVS to avoid this, would it work to do
> something like adding an option flag that tells the client to tell the
> server to not add the "branch" directive when creating the new RCS files on
> a first import?  (It might also need to prevent the server from _adding_ a
> branch directive on a subsequent import - if it ever does that when there's
> no existing directive in the RCS file and no revisions past 1.1 on mainline
> - mightn't it?)

If you are going to add a patch, pick up the -X feature to cvs import
that is in the thread I gave previously. It is an easier to audit
reality and allows for someone who comes after you to be able to do the
right thing.

        -- Mark
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