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Re: future of cvs

From: Alex v. Below
Subject: Re: future of cvs
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 22:10:21 +0200

I only consider myself a user of cvs, and I don't have a crystal ball to predict its future. But here is the bottom line of what I see in my company. And the executive summary is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it":

- A lot of old projects will probably stay on cvs until we are forced to bring them over. One reason would be if cvs is no longer maintained. Currently, there is sufficient knowledge to overcome any shortcommings cvs might have, and porting them to svn would not justify the goals.

- Possibly, at some time new projects may be put under svn control. But, like I said before, people are well trained to administer and use cvs here.

- I might be banned forever from this list, but when people ask me for advice which scm to use I will tell them that I am an old- schooling cvs user, but they should probably look into svn . I think svn is "the future, somehow", but cvs will be staying around as look as people like us use it, and the good people of the cvs team maintain it. Thanks, guys!


Am 04.09.2005 um 22:36 schrieb address@hidden:


we are using cvs for already 5 years in a 3500 files/500 folders project (php) and time comes for rearranging file structure a bit. this made us look towards subversion, but we decided to have a look at the future of cvs before that. the spirit on subversion side is that they aim to replace cvs, but noticing the activity on the cvs- cvs list it does not seem that cvs shares it.

so, can anyone share what the future of cvs is (I could not find comprehensive answer to that question anywhere) and in particular - are there plans support for file structure reorganization to be added.


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