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Re: CVS Transaction

From: Stuart Cooper
Subject: Re: CVS Transaction
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 23:36:43 +1000

> Hi
> Is there in CVS something like DB transactions?
> Fore example:
> 1. login to cvs
> 2. start transaction
> 3. create branch
> 4. do something on this branch
> 5. if 4 = OK then commit transaction (branch stays)
>     else rollback tran (delete branch)
> I think this would be a great feature :-)

It would be a ridiculous feature, which would overcomplicate the
implementation and confuse users.

CVS is a Version Control System, so you can undo bad checkins
and remove branches manually and things like that. So there's
already revert your unwanted changes functionality there.


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