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Re: sticky tag Y for file X is not a branch

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: sticky tag Y for file X is not a branch
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2005 10:39:04 -0400
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Paul Summermatter wrote:

I'm not sure how I got into this situation, but I could desperately use some help getting myself out of it.
9-padua% cvs commit -m "Test Checkin"
Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11  forwarding.
cvs server: sticky tag `V00-FR7_3_0_5_39' for file `' is not a branch
cvs [server aborted]: correct above errors first!

I am not a cvs internals expert, but I noted that the Sticky Tag line above does not say (branch: but says (revision: How cvs determines whether the file is on a branch tag or not is the crux of my problem.

A file is on a branch tag if the tag used to check it out was a branch tag. In other words, for the command 'cvs [update or checkout] -r TAG', if TAG was created by using the -b option, then the file will be on a branch, otherwise it will be a revision tag.

Tags are maintained on a file-by-file basis. This means that one file could have the tag as a branch tag, and another as a revision tag, and a third file might not have the tag at all. So the above checkout command could easily result in one file being on a branch and another on a revision tag.

File:  Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision:
Repository revision: /opt/cvsroot/V3/ICTS/src/com/ tradecapture/icts/reporting/control/common/unlimitedhedgereport/,v
   Sticky Tag:          V00-FR7_3_0_5_39 (branch: 1.4.2)

Two separate tag commands must have been issued, one specifying the -b option for, and the other omitting it for Unlimited[...]


If you made the same mistake as in Scenario2 (of placing a non-branch tag where you wanted a branch tag), but really want <oldtag> to be the name of your branch, you can execute a slightly different series of commands to rename it and move your working directory onto the branch.

Warning: This is not a way to rename a branch tag. It is a way to turn a non-branch tag into a branch tag with the same name.

                    cvs rtag -r <oldtag> <branch_point_tag> <module>
                    cvs rtag -d <oldtag> <module>
                    cvs rtag -b -r <branch_point_tag> <oldtag>  <module>"

When I look a the top of the file of one of the problem files on the cvs server itself, I can't see why cvs doesn't recognize that the file is tagged with a branch tag. When I compare this file with other files that are not having a problem, I can't see a an obvious difference. Here is the top of,v:

Generally, you should stay away from the repository until you are an expert (now that you're curious, though, a branch tag will have a 0 as the second-last number, e.g. TAG_NAME: - if you peek at,v you'll see that the revision will be

An easier way to get this information is to use 'cvs status -v'. If you issue it for the two files in question, you'll likely see that one says "(revision:" and the other says "(branch: 1.2.2)"

To correct this problem, use a slight modification of the procedure you found above on the files that indicate the tag is a revision, and *only* on those files. Use 'tag' instead of 'rtag', and list the affected files on each command, e.g.:

cvs tag -r V00-FR7_3_0_5_39 V00-FR7_3_0_5_39_base [list of affected files]
cvs tag -d V00-FR7_3_0_5_39 [list of affected files]
cvs tag -rV00-FR7_3_0_5_39_base -b V00-FR7_3_0_5_39 [list of affected files]

To prevent this problem from recurring, adopt the following conventions and procedures:

1) Adopt a naming convention that requires all branch tags to have something that identifies them as branch tags. I find the suffix "-bt" works well.

2) Adopt the following procedures when creating a branch tag:
- use 'cvs tag tagname' to mark the base of the branch
- use 'cvs tag -b tagname-bt' to create the branch itself.
Note that the base of the branch uses the same tag name, without the -bt suffix.

Most importantly: watch for any error messages in either tag command, especially messages like "tag exists". DO NOT PROCEED until those errors have been fixed.


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