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Re[2]: deleting a branch

From: Victor Safronovich
Subject: Re[2]: deleting a branch
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 20:18:48 +0600

Hello Russ Sherk,

Friday, September 9, 2005, 7:06:46 PM, you wrote:

[Russ Sherk]
RS> On 9/9/05, Victor Safronovich <vsafronovich[at]> wrote:
  Please, remove reply mail address from reply template in your mail browser, 
  spam robots extract this addresses from i-net pages and insert in their data 

RS> ------------------------
RS> Usage: cvs rtag [-abdFflnR] [-r rev|-D date] tag modules...
RS>         -d      Delete the given tag.
RS>         -F      Move tag if it already exists.
RS> !!        -B      Allow move/delete of branch tag (not recommended).  !!
RS> ------------------------
   I  know  about  this  opt,  but my branchs was created a long time ago, and i
   didn`t know with or without this opt its created.

RS> Use with caution.  I think it is dangerous because it perminantly
RS> removes all revisions on the branch (physically deletes them from the
RS> repository).  So be sure you want to remove them.  The difference is
RS> that a regular tag just points to or references a version (MY_TAG=1.3
RS> for myfile.txt)  so deleting a regular tag just removes the reference.
RS>  Whereas a branch tag creates a new branch on the tree where revisions
RS> live.  Removing the branch removes the home for the revisions and they
RS> are lost in the ether floating aimlessly...
   I  think the all tags and branches stored in filename,v file, so removing the
   branch or tag is operation, that provides some clean up in this file.

[Jim Hyslop]
JH> Normally you don't delete branches. Exactly what are you trying to
JH> accomplish? I.e. why do you want to delete the branch tag? Once you've 
JH> answered that, I'll tell you how to do it ;=)
   for example when i create useless branch ( but this is bad example :)) )
   and  i  know  that  there are no tags or branches which are being creates 
   this branch (there are not commits in this branch).

   Or  for examle i know about branch what it was redundant or misleading, and i
   decide to delete it.

   P.S. sorry for my english %((.
Best regards,
 Victor Safronovich

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