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Re: deleting a branch

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: deleting a branch
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 10:36:16 -0400
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Victor Safronovich wrote:
RS> ------------------------
RS> Usage: cvs rtag [-abdFflnR] [-r rev|-D date] tag modules...
RS>         -d      Delete the given tag.
RS>         -F      Move tag if it already exists.
RS> !!        -B      Allow move/delete of branch tag (not recommended).  !!
RS> ------------------------
   I  know  about  this  opt,  but my branchs was created a long time ago, and i
   didn`t know with or without this opt its created.

The -B option simply deletes a tag. It doesn't matter when the tag was created. The tag could even have been created 20 years ago using the RCS program, and CVS will still happily remove it.

   I  think the all tags and branches stored in filename,v file, so removing the
   branch or tag is operation, that provides some clean up in this file.
Yes, they are stored in the file, but the space they occupy is quite trivial. There are much more effective ways to recover space than to delete tags.

[Jim Hyslop]
JH> Normally you don't delete branches. Exactly what are you trying to
JH> accomplish? I.e. why do you want to delete the branch tag? Once you've JH> answered that, I'll tell you how to do it ;=)
   for example when i create useless branch ( but this is bad example :)) )
   and  i  know  that  there are no tags or branches which are being creates 
   this branch (there are not commits in this branch).
OK, that's reasonable.

   Or  for examle i know about branch what it was redundant or misleading, and i
   decide to delete it.
Hmmm... it depends what you mean here. If you want to rename a branch because the name was misleading, then the -B option will not help, because any new branch tag you apply will create a completely new branch. If you mean that any commits on the branch are no longer required or redundant, well... I'd still leave the tag just in case you need to refer to the branch again.

In general, don't worry about having too many tags in your file.


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