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Re: CVS and unicode

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: CVS and unicode
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 10:28:07 -0400 (EDT)

Christian Hujer writes [re. line ending conversions]:
> No, the windows client will only do this modification if you told the client 
> to do so. You can enable / disable this. The windows cvs client is able to 
> checkout non-"-kb"-files (text files) with LF without converting LF to CR/LF.
> At least this is true for WinCVS.

It is the CVS client's responsibility to convert between the local
system's line ending conventions and the CVS client/server protocol's
line ending conventions.  (Note that line ending conventions vary
widely: some systems use CR, some LF, some CF/LF, and some don't use any
character[s] at all but rather store an explicit line length.)  For the
standard CVS client, that conversion is done by the C run-time library
because the file is opened in non-binary mode.  MSDOS and Unix line
ending conventions are similar enough that many people like to pretend
that they're the same and many tools are flexible enough to go along
with that delusion, although most people eventually encounter a critical
tool that isn't and all sorts of havoc ensues.  WinCVS is one of those
flexible tools that's willing to support the delusion, but it makes you
explicitly ask for it.  The standard command line client is not.

> And afair cvs on Cygwin does not perform any CR/LF conversion at all.

That depends on whether you've installed Cygwin correctly (using MSDOS
line endings for text files) or incorrectly (using Unix line endings for
text files).  Incorrect installations are quite common (and many people
would vehemently disagree with my characterizing them as incorrect,
despite the fact that they flaunt the system's text file conventions).

-Larry Jones

I like maxims that don't encourage behavior modification. -- Calvin

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