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RE: Specifying image files as BINARY so they don't get CVS tags?

From: Mark Priest
Subject: RE: Specifying image files as BINARY so they don't get CVS tags?
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 22:56:42 -0400


The cvswrappers administrative file is intended for this purpose.  This file
is located in the repository under CVSROOT.  The best way to change this
file (or any administrative file) is to check out CVSROOT into a working
directory, make your change, then commit your change. You should see a
message about rebuilding the administrative database.  Below is what my
cvswrapper file looks like. My version causes files with extensions .gif,
.jpg, .dll, .cab, and .zip to be treated as binary.  The comments in the
file are self-explanatory.  

You can also pass the -kb option when you first add the file instead of
relying on cvswrappers.  There are ways to override the values in
cvswrappers so should read the Cederqvist for more info.

You can "fix" the affected binary files in the repository by using the admin
command with the -k option.  It will also probably be necessary to recreate
the developers working directory or to use cvs update with the -k flag to
fix the developers working copy after you fix the repository.

# This file affects handling of files based on their names.
# The -m option specifies whether CVS attempts to merge files.
# The -k option specifies keyword expansion (e.g. -kb for binary).
# Format of wrapper file ($CVSROOT/CVSROOT/cvswrappers or .cvswrappers)
#  wildcard     [option value][option value]...
#  where option is one of
#  -f           from cvs filter         value: path to filter
#  -t           to cvs filter           value: path to filter
#  -m           update methodology      value: MERGE or COPY
#  -k           expansion mode          value: b, o, kkv, &c
#  and value is a single-quote delimited value.
# For example:
*.gif -k 'b'
*.jpg -k 'b'
*.dll -k 'b'
*.cab -k 'b'
*.zip -k 'b' 

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Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 8:27 PM
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Subject: Specifying image files as BINARY so they don't get CVS tags?

I ran into a strange issue today with a project I'm working on.  It's a Java
applet and it has some image files in it (.gifs specifically).
One of the other developers checked out the source tree, tried to compile,
and it turns out that all of the images were corrupt.  Upon looking at the
images in the CVS repository with a text editor it's obvious what has
happened: a bunch of CVS header data was added to the beginning of the file,
at which point followed the gobbledygook binary which actually specifies the

How do I setup my CVS server so that it automatically knows that things like
.gif, .jpg, etc., are binary and should not have CVS headers inserted into
them?  Would it be possible to have the headers stored outside of the binary
file so that we can still keep versioning info on the images if they happen
to change, but yet they still actually function?


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