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Re: cederqvist's Table of Contents is at the end

From: Ming Kin Lai
Subject: Re: cederqvist's Table of Contents is at the end
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 22:34:10 -0700

The following is from Sec 3.5 of the Texinfo 4.8 manual (

In the past, the contents commands were sometimes placed at the end of the file, after any indices and just before the @bye, but we no longer recommend this.

However, since many existing Texinfo documents still do have the @contents at the end of the manual, if you are a user printing a manual, you may wish to force the contents to be printed after the title page. You can do this by specifying @setcontentsaftertitlepage and/or @setshortcontentsaftertitlepage. The first prints only the main contents after the @end titlepage; the second prints both the short contents and the main contents. In either case, any subsequent @contents or @shortcontents is ignored (unless, erroneously, no @end titlepage is ever encountered).

You need to include the @set...contentsaftertitlepage commands early in the document (just after @setfilename, for example). We recommend using texi2dvi (see Format with texi2dvi) to specify this without altering the source file at all. For example:

    texi2dvi address@hidden foo.texi

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