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Re: how to prevent cvs from locking?

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: how to prevent cvs from locking?
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 15:47:29 -0400
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DC wrote:
I would rather put a non-existant email address out there, then one that im 
never going to look at. At least they might get a bounce back if
it dosn't exist.  But, for the sake of newsgroup postings, I have created a 
gmail account.
[snicker] Nice name for the spam trap.

it is a very small group of developers. Most of the time they will be in 
completely different places on the branch.
Doesn't matter. All it takes is for someone to do a repository-wide command, such as applying a tag, at the same time as someone else is trying to write to the repository and your repository will become corrupted, possibly beyond repair.

> For the most part people
don't touch each others files, and when they do there is usually a discussion 
of how/what/what/etc before hand.
Ah, the strong, strong smell of code ownership.

If it were my descision I would set this up so that people create files as 
username:cvspub rather then cvspub:cvspub.
That's reasonable.

I would also make it
so that two people could not checkout the same file at the same time.
That's not ;=) Remember that the "C" in "CVS" stands for "Concurrent" - CVS is designed specifically to allow and handle concurrent modifications to files. But that's another rant for another day, and doesn't solve your immediate problem, which is:

cvs: rcs.c:4114: RCS_checkout: Assertion `rev == ((void *)0) || ((*__ctype_b_loc 
())[(int) (((unsigned char) *rev))] & (unsigned short int)
_ISdigit)' failed. Terminated with fatal signal 11

Because CVS gets this fatal signal, it doesn't get a chance to clean up after itself. The lock files are left behind, causing problems for the next person who comes along.

Larry Jones has suggested this error means your repository file is corrupted. If other users try to check out the file, do they get the same crash?

Download the source code from, and run the validate_repo script in the contrib/ directory. This will scan the repository for corrupted files. If the file is corrupted, the easiest course of action is to restore it from your most recent backup. Also, you must try to determine how it got corrupted in the first place, otherwise this problem could happen again.


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