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Re: Keeping only latest version of a file in repository

From: Russ Sherk
Subject: Re: Keeping only latest version of a file in repository
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 09:00:01 -0500

On linux anyhow, you can integrate png generation from xcf files using the 'convert' tool.
E.g. convert test.xcf -flatten test.png

This is easily scriptable via ant's exec task and could be available on win machines (either by cywin, mingw or a binary port).

How much space are the binary files taking up in cvs?  Is it a huge amount (relative to your cvs root's available drive space)?  Do you do many changes to these files?  It may be that you don't have to worry about the consumed drive space if you have a large drive or only occasionally modify the pngs.

'convert' is available from Image Magic Sudio:
There windows and unix binaries available in the downloads section.  License permits commercial use.



On 11/10/05, Joachim Schlosser <address@hidden> wrote:

> Very oddly this exact same question came up on the TortoiseCVS list
> just yesterday about CVSNT...

> There is no automatic way of doing what you want - but you could
> use cvs admin to remove the old versions.

Yes, I know. I will have to experiment with this. As this feature is
described as dangerous in the Cederqvist, I shied.

> If you could take some time to explain why your build process would
> want to store these files in version control so it can complete the
> build process I'd like to know.

I have a number of graphics which I create in GIMP, and also save in
GIMP file format (.xcf). These files are versioned of course to keep
track of what was done. For building my application, I export the
graphics manually to PNG. So I have to do this whenever I change the
GIMP file. The build process run by ant then includes these PNGs in
the output. As long as I work only on 1 machine, no problem: no
versioning of the PNGs required. When working on the project on more
machines and with more persons, these PNGs have to go into the
repository, otherwise everyone has to export them manually whenever
the GIMP file changes. But now the repository grows and grows with
files that need not to be versioned, just need to be kept for convenience.


Abstracting: Keeping only latest version is necessary for a product
file that requires manual build effort.

I could not find the feature in the svn doc either, so this seems to
be unique for VSS. Maybe usually only proprietary build processes
require manual interaction :-).

I'll check the cvs admin thing.


Joachim Schlosser
(The e-mail address is fully repliable.)
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