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AW: Replacing a file in a working copy - Sorry

From: André Lähr
Subject: AW: Replacing a file in a working copy - Sorry
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 14:17:01 +0100

Hi, thanks for your efforts to help!
I just figured out how to get it to work:
1. I update my local copy with a previous revision
2. I overwrite it with my actual file
3. I update with Head and the merge is done
I was just curious if it also works if I modify the Entries file of that directory. Just changing the rev# of the corresponding file. And it did work as well.
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On 11/22/05, André Lähr <address@hidden> wrote:
Sorry if you got this email more than once, but i had some trouble with my email client. :) 
got a problem with CVS.
First of all, I am using CVS under Linux.

If I replace a file in my updated working copy I am not able to do a merge afterwards. Even if i don't replace it but copy and paste the whole contents in that working copy it doesn't work.
There is no error message. The System just responds with:
M filename

Please specify the merge command you are using.

and nothing happens. I think it's because I already updated to the newest Revision. But do I have no possibility to replace the updated working copy by any other file and redo a merge?

You always have the possibility to replace an updated working copy.


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