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Accessing CVS repositry history remotely

From: address@hidden
Subject: Accessing CVS repositry history remotely
Date: 6 Jan 2006 09:13:42 -0800
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I'm looking to connect and obtain the history for a CVS repository, but
I will not have command line access to the box running the repository.
Normally, using the history command would be a no brainer, but I have
been given said constraint.  My other "constraint" is that this should
be in Java.  Looking around for prebuilt apps that would do this, I
stumbled upon this:

Now, I would love to use something like that, unfortunately it looks as
if it is used on the same machine that would be running the repository,
and thus can use the command line to grab the history and parse it.

Any ideas on how to make this connection from another machine?  If so,
any prebuilt things out there for this?  I find it hard to believe that
this is the first time such a task would come up...

Thanks in advance.

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