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Re: CVS Windows OSX Cross Platform Double Spacing

From: r_burns
Subject: Re: CVS Windows OSX Cross Platform Double Spacing
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 18:30:25 +0000

One way this could happen is if you copy from a Windows box a file with Win line endings into a Unix sandbox and then cvs commit the files from Unix sandbox.
That could explian your problems esp if you see ^M chars in the ,v files.
You may wanna checkout in a sandbox and do a dos2unix  and then re-commit
the offending files.
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From: Tim Milstead <address@hidden>

> I am developing on both Windows NT and OSX.
> When I check out files on the Mac OSX machine they come out double
> spaced. The repository is stored on a Linux machine and accessed over SSH.
> I thought that CVS was new line independent? That is stored files in the
> repository using unix style (\n) new lines and that the client handled
> the conversion. It looks like this is not happening correctly. I am
> guessing that the Mac OSX client is checking out Windows line endings
> from the repository and replacing all the \r\n's with \n\n (i.e.
> replacing just the \r's). I believe that OSX uses \n for line endings
> since it is unix like (please no flames) (making it different from the
> old MacOS).
> When I look in the repository using emacs in SSH I see lots of ^M's in
> the file. Are these put there by Windows?
> Has anyone got any advice. Could I search and replace all the new lines
> in the repository files to the unix standard (\n only) and then hope the
> clients work it all out?
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Timie Milie.
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