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help converting module to repo, OR move modules around

From: DC
Subject: help converting module to repo, OR move modules around
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 17:22:20 -0500

Is there a way to convert a module to a repo, or redo the module layout? Either 
way, it is important that I do NOT loose the version
history.  Actually I want to go with option 2. The reason I posted the first 
one, is because I have 3 "subprojects" that I definately want
to make a seperate repo for.

this is what I have (in my own layout)

REPO (/opt/cvsroot)
    MODULE (productname)

in the file system, the module looks like this

I want to change it to one of the following:

--OPTION 1 --
    REPO (/opt/cvsroot/SubProject1)
    REPO (/opt/cvsroot/SubProject2)
    REPO (/opt/cvsroot/SubProject3)
    REPO (/opt/cvsroot/SubProject4)

or, just move modules around like so. (mock CVSROOT/modules)

-- OPTION 2 --
# REPO (/opt/cvsroot)
entire_project -a subproject1 subproject2 subproject3 subproject4 ...
subproject1 -a SubProject1      # /opt/cvsroot/SubProject1
subproject2 -a SubProject2      # /opt/cvsroot/SubProject2
subproject3 -a SubProject3      # /opt/cvsroot/SubProject3
subproject4 -a SubProject4      # /opt/cvsroot/SubProject4

# REPO (/some/other/path/cvsroot)
patches -a patches           # /some/other/path/cvsroot/Database_Patches/patches

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