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Re: deleting tags?

From: Ted Stern
Subject: Re: deleting tags?
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 08:47:25 -0800
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On 18 Jan 2006 at 13:08 UTC-0800, Mike wrote:
> When I import a module into cvs I do something like:
> $ cd module
> $ cvs import module start begin
> I have removed the start tag, or was it the begin tag,
> but can't remove the other. When I execute 'cvs log'
> I can see the tags, but cannot remove the tag using
> 'cvs tag -d start'. The start tag has version 1.1.1.
> How do I remove this start tag?
> Mike

I don't know the answer to your question, but perhaps you are simply
irritated by having your initial checkout with all files at version

You can do this:

    cvs checkout module
    cd module
    cvs admin -b
    cvs update -A

That sets the initial default branch to 1 and the initial default
checkout version to 1.1.

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