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Re: pserver: cvs accesses home dir on server

From: dccarson
Subject: Re: pserver: cvs accesses home dir on server
Date: 19 Jan 2006 10:31:32 -0800
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I'm still hoping for an answer to this problem...anybody?

We have now, and have always had, the -f option set in the xinetd
config file.

Why does the automount occur?  Presumably, the 'cvs' process on the
server side is trying to access a file of the user's (which is why -f
would have made sense -- accessing .cvsrc), and when it tries to do the
file access, it must mount the user's home directory.  By the way, I
have also seen automount failures in /var/log/messages when the commit
succeeded, so whatever it is looking for, it can apparently get along
without it.

Why does the automount only occur some of the time?  This is even more
curious.  I usually reproduce the problem by doing a 'force commit' of
a file, so that I do not have to bother changing the file before
committing it.  Therefore the commit does not actually have any delta.

Thanks for any help,

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