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Forcing DOS newline convention with Linux CVS client

From: Ed J
Subject: Forcing DOS newline convention with Linux CVS client
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 14:42:53 -0800

Are there any command-line CVS clients that run on Linux and can force an
"update" or "checkout" to use the DOS newline convention instead of the
Linux newline convention?

I have a Linux-based CVS server that triggers a script through
CVSROOT/loginfo to run a CVS client to keep copies of the latest versions in
the repository for non-CVS users to view.  The problem is that the copied
files are always viewed from Windows machines via a samba-mapped drive, so
the users see the wrong newline convention.

A CVS client that lets me specify the newline convention during "checkout"
or "update" would solve my problem.  The files are a mixture of binary and
text files, so I can't blindly subject them to a newline converter.

Any suggestions?

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