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CVS Module

From: Mateusz [PEYN] Adamus
Subject: CVS Module
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 13:36:31 +0100
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I have something like this:

 |-- [Ant]
 |    |-- [checkout]
 |    |--
 |    |--
 |-- [myProject]
      |-- 1.0
           |-- [final]
           |-- [source]
                |-- [ant.common]

Ok, this is my working directory. I checked it out. Ofcourse folder [Ant] is a module and folder [myProject] is also a module.

What I wanted to do is to combine these to into one, so that whenever I CO [myProject] I would get [ant.common] in [source] - [ant.common] contains common things used by ant scripts.

I created something like this in modules file:
ant.common -l ant
1.0/source &ant.common
myProject myProject &1.0/source

It looked ok. When I CO [myProject] I also got [ant.common] in [source] - great!

But now I've come to a problem, 2 to be exact:
1. How can I make files included in [ant.common] to be checkedout regardles of whatever tag I use? For example I what to check out [myProject] but not from main tag (HEAD) but from some other one. I could also tag files contained in [ant.common] but do I have to? What about branches? 2. When I update [myProject] I get [checkout] dir in [ant.common] dir - which is not what I wanted. [ant.common] should only contain & files - how can I prevent from CO [checkout] folder?

best regards
Mateusz [PEYN] Adamus

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