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Re: modules in modules/shared files

From: patti_schreiber
Subject: Re: modules in modules/shared files
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 09:22:10 -0700

From: Jim Hyslop <address@hidden>

address@hidden wrote:
> Suppose I have the following structure:
> ModuleMain
>       \Module1
>       \Module2
>       \ModuleMain
>       \Shared
> The existing module is ModuleMain and all its subdirectories.
> I want to make new modules, each module being a second level folder plus
> some files in the shared folder, no locations will change.
> I want to be able to checkout, commit, update and tag all files in
> and some files in Shared by using the Module1 module, similarly for all
> others. I will rename the second level ModuleMain to have a different
> than ModuleMain, since it already exists.
> How do I acheive this in the modules file, preserving the current

So let me rephrase this to see if I understand what you want. When you
check out Module1, you want to see:


when you check out Module2, you want


Not exactly,
What I want is to checkout/update Module1 and get


I also want to be able to make tags to Module1 and have it tag the Module1
directory, and the specific files in the shared directory.

I did read the ampersand modules description, but I'm not convinced that
will do what I want. I am concerned with making the new modules. Since
these files and directories already exist within the ModuleMain module, I
do not want to lose the existing history. The ampersand description sounds
like Module1 already has to exist as a module (which it doesn't), and I
want to include it in ModuleMain. We started this project top-down instead
of bottom-up like we should have- we only have one existing module, and I
need to break it up into modules that make more sense.

 I am thinking I need to use alias (-a) and the -d option somehow, but I'm
still a little unclear.

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