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Re: modules in modules/shared files

From: Russ Sherk
Subject: Re: modules in modules/shared files
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 12:22:00 -0500

Probably want:
T_module1 -d module1 moduleMain/module1
T_module2 -d module2 moduleMain/module2
T_shared -d shared moduleMain/shared

modMain1 -d moduleMain &T_module1 &T_shared

$rmdir /s/q modulemain
$cvs co modMain1
<checking out blah blah>

$tree /f moduleMain
│       file1.txt
│       file2.txt


This seems to do what you want.  You check out using the module alias 'modMain1' and all files are checked out to the dir 'moduleMain'. (sorry for the bad module names...  let me know if you need clarification)

I also tested adding a branch tag to the alias modMain1 (cvs rtag -b BR_TEST modMain1).  Running a cvs log shows that it correctly only applies the tag to the files included in the alias.

I was too lazy to test adding a file to the alias definition.  Should work the same as dirs I think.



On 2/13/06, address@hidden <address@hidden > wrote:

From: Jim Hyslop < address@hidden>

address@hidden wrote:
> Suppose I have the following structure:
> ModuleMain
>       \Module1
>       \Module2
>       \ModuleMain
>       \Shared
> The existing module is ModuleMain and all its subdirectories.
> I want to make new modules, each module being a second level folder plus
> some files in the shared folder, no locations will change.
> I want to be able to checkout, commit, update and tag all files in
> and some files in Shared by using the Module1 module, similarly for all
> others. I will rename the second level ModuleMain to have a different
> than ModuleMain, since it already exists.
> How do I acheive this in the modules file, preserving the current

So let me rephrase this to see if I understand what you want. When you
check out Module1, you want to see:


when you check out Module2, you want


Not exactly,
What I want is to checkout/update Module1 and get


I also want to be able to make tags to Module1 and have it tag the Module1
directory, and the specific files in the shared directory.

I did read the ampersand modules description, but I'm not convinced that
will do what I want. I am concerned with making the new modules. Since
these files and directories already exist within the ModuleMain module, I
do not want to lose the existing history. The ampersand description sounds
like Module1 already has to exist as a module (which it doesn't), and I
want to include it in ModuleMain. We started this project top-down instead
of bottom-up like we should have- we only have one existing module, and I
need to break it up into modules that make more sense.

I am thinking I need to use alias (-a) and the -d option somehow, but I'm
still a little unclear.

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