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Re: running commands as user with SystemAuth=yes

From: tremalnaik
Subject: Re: running commands as user with SystemAuth=yes
Date: 17 Feb 2006 01:29:11 -0800
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Rahul Bhargava wrote:
> set SystemAuth=no

thanks for your answer, but probabily you didn't understand well what I
asked (maybe my english is not so good, apOlogize). I'd like the CVS
users being authenticated by the system -> SystemAuth=yes but the
commands being run as a particular user

> You can get the passwd from /etc/passwd, NIS etc

this is what I'm trying to avoid!! I'm asking if there is some way to
have the passwords in the passwd file updated/synchronized with the
system ones without I have to edit, copy or paste.

By the way... I already read the CVS manuals


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