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Re: running commands as user with SystemAuth=yes

From: Rahul
Subject: Re: running commands as user with SystemAuth=yes
Date: 17 Feb 2006 16:03:33 -0800
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Oh ok, now I understand what you want :-)

So the set user id on executing (setuid) or set group id on executing
(setgid) trick
is also not what you what as with that you will have the effective
userid say be root
and then cvs process can switch user.

> his is what I'm trying to avoid!! I'm asking if there is some way to
> have the passwords in the passwd file updated/synchronized with the
> system ones without I have to edit, copy or paste.
> By the way... I already read the CVS manuals

You may want to look at the WANdisco for CVS product that we sell. It
have a built-in password daemon that will synchronize password from
various auth databases (LDAP/NIS, etc/passwd etc) to the
CVSROOT/passwd. You can then use the "SystemAuth=no" option I talked
about with the passwd file containing  userX:passX:RunAsUser syntax.
So you avoid the manual sync'ing. It will also import group info as
well for access control.

Rahul Bhargava,
SCM Solutions
Pleasanton, CA

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