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Re: pre-commit converter

From: rad_google
Subject: Re: pre-commit converter
Date: 7 Mar 2006 22:16:02 -0800
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>Their CVS client should do the conversion for you.  What are
>they using ?

That would be nice.  I do not know what is being used.  (Probably putty
or some ssh variant.)  By the way my editor (on linux) keeps files in
their original format.

>You could install a commitinfo hook in your CVSROOT, to deny
>the commit if it detects CRLF files.

I am not in the position to do that. (Meaning: it would cause a
conflict more serious than the annoyance of the DOS format.)

>I think it's a bad idea
>to try and fix the files in the hook.  What if your filter has a
>bug and corrupts the files ?

It seems I will have to take that risk.
Thanks for you insight.

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