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Re: Major change in conflict handling between 1.12.9 and 1.12.13?

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: Major change in conflict handling between 1.12.9 and 1.12.13?
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 00:05:03 -0400
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Jim Hyslop wrote:
> Steve McIntyre wrote:
>>>All my tests have been against another i386 Debian machine running
>>>sarge and the standard Debian package of cvs, version 1.12.9. I'm
>>>using ssh as a transport.
> Hmmm... you're using ssh, others have reported problems with pserver.
> Just a sec...
> Bingo - I can reproduce the problem using pserver. It seems to be a
> problem only with remote repositories. Now that I can reproduce it, I
> should be able to track it down.

OK, I've tracked it down to client.c, in send_fileproc. 1.11.20 (which
works properly) has this code to test if the file has been modified:

    else if (vers->ts_rcs == NULL
             || args->force
             || strcmp (vers->ts_user, vers->ts_rcs) != 0)

and 1.11.21 has changed the test to this:

    else if (vers->ts_rcs == NULL
             || args->force
             || strcmp (vers->ts_conflict
                        ? vers->ts_conflict : vers->ts_rcs, vers->ts_user)
             || (vers->ts_conflict && !strcmp (cvs_cmd_name, "diff")))

This change was introduced in rev 1.318.4.29, and the log entry says:
* client.c (send_fileproc): Don't send contents for files known to have
conflicts unless this is for `cvs diff'.

Problem is, with the "Update" command, if it's not modified and it's not
conflicting, it must be up-to-date.

That's the only change for 1.318.4.29 (tagged revision for 1.11.21), so
I would suggest we back that change out.

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