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RE: Is it possible to hide modules in CVS

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Is it possible to hide modules in CVS
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 13:54:10 +1000


Please keep the discussion on the newsgroup - not to me directly.

> I tried the chacl route 

In that case you are using CVSNT and you should direct your questions to the 
CVSNT newsgroup:

> What I wanted was for the user to never 
> be able to even see the module in the 
> checkout list. 

There was some talk of adding a "hidden" attribute...

> I have defined a project in CVS as a 
> combination of several different modules. 
> I want that the users should only be allowed 
> to check out the ProjectA and not the 
> Modules A & B. 

That is different again.

Post a message to the CVSNT newsgroup with a subject like "How to for users to 
use ampersand module not real module" and the problem definition and hopefully 
someone will have an idea - if not you or someone will have to volunteer to 
code it.

The "simplest" (though inelegant) method would be to write a script in the 
precommand trigger that "looks" for the "invalid" names and causes the 
precommand trigger to fail.



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