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Re: searching all code changes

From: bernd
Subject: Re: searching all code changes
Date: 4 Aug 2006 00:31:36 -0700
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Wiest, Damian schrieb:

> How about "find $CVSROOT -type f -name "*,v" -exec grep -li 'search text' {}
> \;"
> That will perform a case-insensitive search throughout the CVS repository
> and display any filenames whose contents match your search string.
> -Damian

Well that kind ot works, but shortcuts using cvs to access the
repository. I'd prefer not to work in the repository directly (using
ssh explicitly to access it from remote machines). BTW using grep you
need to grab SOME lines of before-context to see the revision your
match belongs to. There is no way to know how many lines SOME lines
are, so i end up trying two or three variants before i get the
information i need. --bernd

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