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Re: How to disable automated merge when do update - solved

From: xiangbin
Subject: Re: How to disable automated merge when do update - solved
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 17:22:13 +0900
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Mark E. Hamilton wrote:
No, it is not possible to disable this behavior.

I think that you are misunderstanding the purpose of the 'cvs update' command. Its *purpose* is to merge into your working copy any changes made to the file since you checked it out. If you don't want this done in your working directory, don't use 'cvs update'.

However, before you can commit change you have to do 'cvs update', so your changes are merged with any other changes. This automatic merge is what allows 'Concurrent' development (the meaning of the 'C' in 'CVS') to occur. If conflicts occur you need to correct them before you commit your changes.

Note that the when conflicts occur the original file is saved in .#file.x.y (where x.y is the original revision number you checked out.) Do not, and I repeat *DO NOT*, simply copy this file back onto the updated file. Doing so will delete any changes that other users may have made to the file.

Thank you .I think I got your meaning. Now, the auto-merging seems not so annoying to me any more.

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