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Re: Re-assigning Head...

From: Stanley Shivell
Subject: Re: Re-assigning Head...
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 15:52:59 -0400

Thanks Larry.  We thought about that... but since the target branch that we want to be HEAD  is a branch off of a brnach off of a branch off of a branch etc... is it possible to merge straight from that into head?

that merge would still execute somewhat cleanly?

On 10/2/06, Larry Jones <address@hidden> wrote:
Stanley Shivell writes:
> Is there anyway to "Re-assign" the Head of tree in a repository.

Not really.

> Example:   Say we just spent 3 years developing code on head and making
> branches here and there off of head... and then all of a sudden... we
> decided that we want to move the "Head" of tree onto a Production Release
> branch  that is a branch off of a branch off of a branch   from like 3 years
> ago.

What you can do instead is to move the desired stuff to the trunk with a

        cvs up -jHEAD -jPROD_BRANCH
        cvs ci -m'Replace HEAD with PROD_BRANCH'

You may want to create a new branch before you do that in case you
decide you want to continue development of what used to be the head of
the trunk.

-Larry Jones

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