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Re: No CVS working, despite of SSH connection

From: Ralf Junge
Subject: Re: No CVS working, despite of SSH connection
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 14:14:41 +0100
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Larry Jones schrieb:

We can also connect to the repository from the new server via ssh, but all cvs commands are out of work and return the following error message:

cannot get working directory: No such file or directory

That sounds like a permission problem on the directory where you're
running the commands or one of its parent directories.  Generally, you
need read and execute permission on the working directory and all of its
parent directories.

No it isn't. All directories have the correct permission.

Is there a possibility to increase verbosibility of cvs (-t just gives a session id) (see post: problem connecting via :ext: by wilfried wolf).
we are deperate... :(

Ralf J.

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